Friday, November 11, 2011

Brain Dead

I have recently become interested in zombies.  I do not know why.  It all started with a TV show called "The Walking Dead".  I'd rather not delve to deeply into this aspect of my new personality. 

Today's Veteran's Day.  As always, the one vet I know, is my best friend's son.  He and my son spent all their school years together, so to see him all grown up and honored as a Veteran who served in Iraq is ... bittersweet.  He's all grown up and experienced more than I ever will as far as the big wide world.  His dad also served.  It's good that there is a day to honor our vets, but we should never forget to thank them every day for putting their lives in danger in order to protect our world, whether we agree or disagree with the past or current political situation. 

I've got to clean extra good cause there's going to be an inspection of each apartment come Monday.  I love my little studio - so much easier for me to keep up with.  My clothing situation is out of control tho.  I have a confession to make ... I haven't done laundry for 2 months.  Yes, I have that many clothes. 

 I asked on a previous post what they noticed in the picture taken that day. 

Long sleeves! 
 I'm bringing back a popular feature of my old blog - Love Thursday.  It used to be a bunch of bloggers posting about love on their blog, but I think it's fading away, since I rarely see any other bloggers participating anymore.  I don't have anything to write, but I certainly have pictures of hearts.  Which I find everywhere.  Today's is in honor of Veteran's Day. 

Happy Love Thursday, Happy Veteran's Day, everyone. 

Hahaha.  I just realized how funny titling a post "Brain Dead" and opening with "interested in zombies" is. 


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