Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to All, and to All a Good Night. Wait...

The pork roast was delicious, I don't like leaving the skin on mashed potatoes, I'm loving yams more and more, not just for holidays, I forgot to put out the cranberry sauce, we decided we were too full for pie, so that will be for breakfast, and the dressing was really good but too damp.  DAMP?  lolol  I meant to ... moist?  Wet.  Soupy?  It was good tho. 

Annie got a bath and smells like coconut.  She ADORES Jeremy, so much so that she forgets that she works for me!

Tomorrow, I volunteered to be for door greeter for the Humane Society down at Macy's, but they changed the schedule on me, so I have to be there 4 hours than I expected to.  Which is going to cut into my time with Jeremy, but his girlfriend is also here, visiting her grandparents, so he hopes to meet up with her in the afternoon sometime, before he has to go back home. 

I hope he doesn't mind my bright white big knee in the picture...

Click on the pics to enlarge, should you wish.

I just sent an email to the two ladies who have befriended me, thanking them for teaching me the things I needed to know in San Francisco, and that I was thankful for meeting them and getting to know them.  I am rarely so sentimental, and it felt weird!

Kim called to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and to ask if I'd received his letter.  Ummm yes, I did and I sent one back, how are you, I am fine, Jeremy's here, did you see your family, umm, umm thanks for calling! 

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! 

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