Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My son, he's so thoughtful!

Back story:  

Keep in mind that my son works at the airport.  And that I take pictures of hearts.  I've taken a few from the airport window myself. 

Now, imagine if you're in a different kind of plane, and maybe you're closer to the wing, like kinda underneath it sorta.  

Then you'll understand where I'm coming from when my son sent me the picture below.  Sent to my phone, where the pic is even smaller. 
Heart pic my son sent me

So perhaps you can understand why I assumed this was taken from an airplane, but why I was a tad confused.  Also, just a bit touched that he saw it and thought of me!  Was he searching the Internet just so he could find a heart picture to send to his mommy on a Wednesday evening?  Awww...what a sweetheart.

What follows is our text conversation.  And keep in mind that my hands hurt, so I'm absolutely HATING  texting. 

Me:  I can tell it's hearts in a field, but can't make out what the red thing is. Please don't tell me it's you sky-diving.

Son:  They're gloves.

I look at it again.

Me:  Ohhh.  Internet or real life?

Son:  Real.  It's from work.

I look at it again.

Me:  Ok.  I guess I can't put it into context.  What is it?  It looks like a pic from a camera in the air but gloves don't make sense.  

Son:  It's from the front seat of a truck.

I look at it again.  

Me:  Is it sky writing?  My screen is so dang small.  Did you take the pic?  Will I get a prize if I ask 20 questions?

Son:  It's a picture taken from the front seat of a truck at the ground.  It's only 10 feet away.

Me:  (thinking "A" truck?  Not "My" truck?    But I thought he said it was real life  Or maybe he means it was taken from a friends truck...)

Son:  I'm sitting behind the steering wheel.

Me:  (Oh. ???  To myself again)

(To the reader:  Okay, lets recap.  I think it's taken from the air of a field with hearts in it somehow, perhaps by a skydiver, as evidenced by my first sentence.  Does he correct me by saying it's NOT a field with hearts in it?  No, he does not.  It's real life, and it's only 10 feet away, implying that this is ... recent?  And certainly NOT up in an airplane, thousands of feet in the air.  Is it just me, or is he being deliberately difficult?  Or maybe I'm being extra dumb?  I can't figure out what the hearts are.  Do I even dare ask HOW the hearts got there?  Let's carry on, shall we?)

After I look at it again.  After I figure out how to save it to My Pictures, and then how to magnify it.  Nope.  Still can't figure it out.

Me:  What are the hearts then?

Son:  Tire tracks in the snow.

I look at it again.  Of COURSE!

Me:  Ohhhh!  Cool!    .... ick.  Snow.

(Now that I live in San Francisco, I'm free to hate snow with a passion with a heart-felt shrudder - now that the snow can't turn on me and kill me.)

(Do I dare ask if he made the hearts himself?  No, I don't want to know.  That's some scary driving, if you ask me.) 

Me:  That took some fancy driving.  Can you download it onto your computer and email it to me, so I can blog it?

Son:  I'll try.

(Aw, crap.  He didn't take the bait and tell me he made the hearts in the snow.)   

( ... wait wait wait...      tap tap tap...    hum hum hum...    maybe if I go pee...   nope?  hmm.)

Me:  Or you can email it to me?  (Cause he's got one of those fancy phones, and they can do it all and everything, right?)

It occurs to me that my phone might be able to email it to me, even tho it panics my sister if she sees weird things happening on the phone bill.  How was I to know that one time when I set up my phone to get my emails,  that EACH email I received on my phone cost money EACH time?  Sniff. 

So I went around in circles on my phone setting, and on my blog settings, learning all about SMS, MMS, registering a mobile device, blah blah blah.  It kept telling me that I was sending the picture to an invalid blog address.  I was concentrating so hard that I was actually breaking into a sweat. 

The directions say to send amjatadjp to 256-447   Say what??? 

Finally, I receive the following text:

Bloggr:  Success!  Ur phone is verified.  Snd msgs 2 BLOGGR 2 post 2 ur blog.  Txt STOP 2 stop receiving SMS.  Help 4 info. Std msg chrgs apl.

Say what?  Blogger and/or Verizon doesn't know how to spell.  How do I know this is legit?  I check my blog.  Sure enough, it's finally there.  So I texted my son again:

Me:  Nevermind!  I just posted it to my blog!  Crap.  I probably ran up an extra million dollars of charges with all the mistakes I made.  Headache.  Literally, from thinking too hard.

That is all.  
Please click on the picture and it will become obvious what it is.  



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  1. That's really neat that wonderful son to send to send you this. Have a great day.


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