Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaBloPoMo #6 and SCS

Finding all those long lost pictures that the Kodak software found on my computer the other day, has made me wander "back in the day".  So many odd things came up. Memories.  What is the Kokak slogan? 

As those who know me know, I've collected a certain angel Christmas ornaments - an angel every year from the Hallmark's 'Mary's Angels', by Mary Hamilton series.  They started in 1988, and since Jacob lived and died in 1983, I had found other designs to remember him by.  The first year, I hand-painted his name and dates on a baby cradle.  The next four years, I found some baby angels/on clouds.  Then, in 1988, it was just a done deal - the first Christmas item bought most years was the Mary's Angels.

Of course, all the Michael memories.  The origin of my desire to move to San Francisco, but certainly not the ONLY reason, specially since he's long gone from San Francisco, ironically, staying with me in Idaho for 6 months in 2010.

The puppies.  Oh My The Puppies.  I miss them every day, seriously.  They would have LOVED the dog park.  There are more pictures of Muttin/Jeff than all of the other pictures combined.  And there's over 4,000 pictures downloaded on my computer.

Speaking of the Christmas ornaments, one of the memories involved Jeremy, and there's another post being written.  It's one of those that will need to be pre-approved by him before I post it

And it'll be a couple of days - it's a toughie.  A feeling of coming full-circle, an Oprah moment, a wincing of the heart.  Coincidentally, he and I were talking recently about  how honesty is so much easier, once you learn the benefits, and that, good or bad, love accepts honesty.  That most people respect honesty, again - the good and the bad.  The link above is a post called "And so the Honesty Begins".  In looking at my blog stats tonight, it appears that the Honesty post was, and continues to be my most viewed/popular post.  Honesty pays!

One of my goals for NaBloPoMo is to lay the basics down.  I killed my first blog - the one that talked about the abuse, the real MS stuff, Jacob's death.  I find it hard to write now because of the lack of backstory, which I feel so done with, but is necessary to understand where I'm coming from and going from there.  Confusing?  Exactly!

I am seriously addicted to television.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I have 15 clocks and 2 watches to fall back on hour.  Thanks, Daylight Savings.  

For the record, for the purposes of the Stream of Conscious posting, I will wait till after the 5-minute deadline is over before doing the links above. 

And speaking (again) of blog statistics... dear readers... why are there so many of you, and yet so few comments?  It really messes with my head!

I wonder if combining both NaBloPoMo and SCS in one post is cheating?  Probably.  Crap.  

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  1. Found you from the SOC link up (which I also newly found- and LOVE, because it's how my brain works all the time)look forward to reading your backstory and learning more about you! Good luck with NaBloPoMo!

  2. Thanks for posting some of your backstory links. I can't even imagine the pain! Thanks for sharing this post.


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