Sunday, November 20, 2011

SoC, and Tony Stewart won the damn championship!

In catching up with other SOC'ers, there was one lady who said she wasn't going to recap today's race cause she doesn't remember enough details.  I have that same feeling after most races, much as I would like to start a segment on the blog, recapping the races, cause I KNOW how much ALL my readers adore Nascar, but I don't remember details either.

But today's race?  It wasn't so much about the details as it was purely amazing.  It was the last race of the season, and the championship had yet to be determined.  Often, a racer gets so far ahead in points that they know who the champion is by the end of the season.

Tonight, it came down to Carl Edwards, and Tony Stewart.  Neither of whom is my favorite driver, especially Tony, but I do have a whole new respect for him, I must admit.  Yes, Ben, I really said that.  There are 36 point races a year, from February to November.  Nascar's version of a play-off is scoring points for the first 26 races in order to compete in the last 10 races for the championship, called The Chase.  All 43 racers continue to race each race, and place, but the Chase drivers start all over in points for the last 10 races - whomever wins the most points wins that year's championship.

Neither Tony or Carl won a race during the first 25 races, but both placed high enough to qualify for the Chase.  Carl didn't win a race during the Chase, but finished consistently in the top 5 and had collected enough points ahead of everyone else to nail the championship... cept for one thing.  That damn Tony WON 4 of the 10 races, which meant he and Carl were TIED at 356 points each.  Tony had several setbacks during today's race, having to come from behind 2 or 3 times (details, details!).  Carl lead the most laps, which gave him bonus points, and he looked like the winner.  But Tony persevered.  He lead the last 40 laps, after a harrowing pit stop strategy that had me cussing at the TV, but it sorta kinda paid off.  Again, I lack the memory for details.

He and Carl ran 1st and 2nd those last 40 laps.  Tony won.  And as far as I'm concerned, there were 2 champions this season.

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  1. Just so you know how out of touch I am with racing, when I saw the name Tony Stewart, I immediately thought of Jackie Stewart, the Scottish Formula 1 racer from the 70s. THOSE were the days of racing!


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