Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter's coming, HA!

Anyways, we're moving into winter here in San Francisco, or what I used to call 'Suicide Season' when living in Idaho.  And that right there, friends and neighbors, is yet another HUGE reason why I quit blogging so much.  I made the mistake of allowing family to read my blog, which isn't really a mistake as far as what is right or wrong is concerned, because I don't mind them reading, really.  But reading about painful MS days made them feel bad, and I found myself censoring because of it.  My first blog got tons of readers, mostly strangers from the Internet, because the they would search for MS, and my blog would come up within the first 3 Google pages.  Not so much now, because I don't have MS in my title or blog address.

Which reminds me, I got a comment the other day that said "God bless you, Pee".  I had to laugh.  I wonder if I should change my online name?  I considered myself the P Lister, as opposed to those on the A List, cause all I did was pick up after 3 dogs and 2 cats.  I never thought I'd ever be CALLED Pee, but I kinda like it.  

It's a vicious circle I walk.  I'm a complainer and have alot to complain about as far as I'm concerned.  If the symptoms would just stay static... one or two, just stay the same, I'd learn to live with it and get tired of complaining.  But noooo, every day is either something new, or a different level of intensity.  I don't "mind" most of them.  The peeing by accident always brings a challenge to my life, for one.  Me likes a challenge!  (Insert roll of the eyes)  And wondering why I smell rotten meat or cherry almond for days on end, always makes for interesting discussion when I'm out in the lobby.  General consensus?  If it's the rotten meat - clean out the fridge.  If it's the cherry almond - why you complaining?

 My dog park peops keep asking me "Aren't you cold?", as I walk out there in short sleeves, shorts, a skirt, or ... what are those pants that go up halfway up shin?  I can't remember.  Everyone else is wearing coats, hats, gloves, scarfs, or at the very least, a sweatshirt with 1 or 2 more of said accessories.  They complain of the next few months being winter and "the rainy season", while I think to myself what wimps they are!  :-)  And that I need to get an umbrella.  Which is no small feat - they are major fashion accessories here.  

Then I think of Idaho, and get all sad for my friends and family who also hate the winter... it makes me soooo SAD...




that I can't gloat ABOUT HOW HAPPY I AM DOWN HERE!!!

How ever, there's still this:

Me:  Do you smell rotten meat?
Random Person:  Nope.
Me:  You don't?
Random Person:  No, I really don't.
Me:  Hmmm.  Wonder why I smell it.  I've already cleaned out my fridge, so I know it's not in my you mind if I visit your apartment and clean out your refrigerator?

Most, oddly enough, do mind.  Imagine that.


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