Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It's almost Christmas. 

I spose I should put an exclamation mark after that, but I'm just not feeling it.  Not for any major depressive reasons, just more disappointment.  Which is an upgrade from most Christmas's...

I was hoping to go to Denver to spend it with my son, who will be working on Christmas Day, but hey, I could look at his 12 inch tall Christmas tree... which he sent me a picture of, which sent me into a two hour search on how to transfer his texted picture to my phone picture, from my phone to by blog.  Only to remember that I figured it out once before.  Grrr.


He calls it a tree.  I call it a houseplant. 

Anyways, I'm not going home to Idaho for Christmas cause NOONE INVITED ME, and I'm not going to Denver and Jeremy cause I have that stupid mammogram scheduled on the 27th of December.  And considering that it only took me 10 years to make the appointment, and then I had to wait 3 months for it, I figured I better stay home and represent.

Represent my first Christmas in San Francisco.  Which is why I'm only disappointed, rather than depressed.  I can never be too upset as long as I'm here.  2012 has been good to me, I must admit.

Here's Jeremy "I have to keep growing my beard till March so I can win a bet" picture:

Perhaps because it's a close-up in unnatural light and the angle? ... my first immediate thought was "he looks like a terrorist".  It looked better in real life, truly. 

Then he sent me this today.

Whew.  I like!


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  1. Sorry Jeremy, I'm laughing. I know I told you that you looked good with a was a short neatly trimmed beard...very cool looking on you. The bushy beard look isn't you at all. Grandpa would have been very proud of the moustache...not bad at all for a beginner..Love you!


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