Thursday, December 1, 2011

Laurie's Life List

Things I want to do before I kick the bucket.  Buy the farm.  Push up the daisies, meet my reward.  Bite the dust, give up the ghost.  Take a dirt nap, meet my maker.  You get the point.  Oddly, I am fascinated by death.  Always have been.  Did a paper on euthanasia called "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" in high school.  I have included childhood dreams too.

1.  Move to San Francisco - Done
2.  Watch whales somewhere
3. Take a cruise to Alaska
4.  Walk all the streets of San Francisco - in progress
5.  Certify scuba diving - took the classes, passed all the tests, but couldn't go down past 8 feet cause of my ears.  MAJOR accomplisment tho, since I'm terrified of water, and the claustrophobia caused flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse.

Before the final curtain drops, or go six feet under.  Meet my demise, cash in my chips.  Meet St. Peter, go to heaven.

I like this format better.  It's from

  1. Get my passport and use it for Italy
  2. Visit Ground Zero (the memorial)
  3. Visit every farmer's market in San Francisco
  4. Learn my blood type
  5. Grow my blog
  6. Go on a cruise to Alaska
  7. Learn to Rollerblade
  8. Learn Sign Language
  9. Learn CPR
  10. Plant a Large Flower Garden
  11. Complete a 5K
  12. Lose 70 pounds
  13. Learn to Geocache
  14. Read the entire Bible
  15. Own a Volkswagon Beetle
  16. Go to the Daytona 500
  17. See all Best Picture Oscar-winning films from my lifetime
  18. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  19. Finish a 365 Photography Project
  20. Send a message in a bottle
  21. Write a book
  22. Visit all 50 states
  23. Go whale watching
  24. Go snowshoeing

Before I meet the Grim Reaper, cross over, "move to Idaho" (I didn't know that was a euphemism for death - hilarious!)

Okay, moving on.  (no pun intended!  I slay myself!) Before I go belly-up, assume room temperature, free myself from earthly affairs, I am proud to say I have accomplished the following items on my bucket list:

  1. Buy a Bike Φ
  2. Move to San Francisco
  3. Ride a train/Sleep Overnite in Train
  4. Go to a Gay Pride event Φ
  5. Travel on a plane by myself
  6. Get a meaningful tattoo
  7. Go Behind a Waterfall
  8. Learn how to Scuba Dive
  9. See the Grand Canyon
  10. Visit San Fransico
  11. See the golden gate bridge
  12. Live on a farm
  13. See a rocket launch live
  14. Change own oil on car
  15. Go horseback riding
  16. Sleep all day non stop!
  17. Ride a Motorcycle
  18. Start a Business
  19. Paragliding
  20. Get my own horse
  21. Witness paranormal activity
  22. Rescue a dog/cat from animal shelter
  23. Visit a high security prison

Before I rest in peace, expire, cease to be...

TTFN  (I hope)


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  1. This was fun to read, you've got a lot more to do. Very cool lists, your going to be busy good luck. mkm


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