Thursday, December 15, 2011

There Oughta Be a Law #1

There oughta be a law against the return trip on Muni not being the reverse of the departure trip.

After months of taking the bus, and finding my way home again via the exact opposite of how I got there, I've become lax in researching on Google Maps on the return trip on MUNI.  I get off the bus, do whatever I'm doing, and when it's time to go home, I just go to the same bus stop where I got off and wait awhile, and it comes to get me.  We go home the same way, except in reverse.  Easy Peasy.

But today, in my adventure of picking up a couple Freecycle items, it didn't work out that way.  I got to both places A-okay, but getting home was a different story.  I was lost both times, and also couldn't tell where I was north, south, east, west wise.  My sense of direction doesn't exist down here cause there are no mountains.

However, I didn't mind finding McLaren Park and wandering around for awhile.  There was a pond where Annie splashed herself wet as a beaver cept for the part of swimming underwater.  The battries in my camera died, so I didn't get the pond pics.

It was beautiful and reminded me of camping in Idaho.  

 A pinecone.  Lots and lots of pinecomes, but I was afraid to take one home cause there's some law about picking flowers, etc. 

 At some point I dropped my glasses, and had to retrace my steps, and sure enough, I found them!

Annie let the ball get too far/deep in the pond, and she was too afraid to get it cause it meant she'd have to swim.  She did eventually swim out a couple of feet, and turned back to shore.  After much much encouragement, she finall swam out to the ball but then she didn't know how to get it in her mouth without drowning, so she turned back around to shore.  A lady with a black lab came by, and I asked if her dog could get my $13.00 ball.  I didn't think it would see the ball cause it was so far out by now, but the lady threw a rock at the ball, and her dog went out and got it.  The ball - not the rock.  Annie was quite excited and the two dogs played like long-lost friends who hadn't seen each other in 5 years.

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