Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drink. And damn, I feel GREAT!

Today's prompt from Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim fame is "Drink".  Having just cleaned out the fridge, I figured I'd show it off.  There's 3 bottles of apple juice, 3 Gatorades, one box of milk, one pitcher of water for the dog and cats (cause they don't like the taste of San Francisco water unless it's cold).  Another water jug for Annie when we are out and about, and a couple of water bottles for me.  Oh, and a pickle container.  With pickle juice in it.  Yuck.  Just today, I told my son that I hadn't been drinking milk for a couple of months, and yet, there's a box of milking staring at us.  Only because it was in the donation box, and I was curios how it tastes.  It doesn't expire until late March, which seems so weird to me.  It's also organic.  I'll probably get addicted to milk again. 

Today was a VERY good day.  When I told my son that, he wanted to know why.

It was as if a very heavy and dark fog had lifted.  My brain was back.  I was besting my time on the Sudoku game each time I played it after months of staying at the 4 minute mark.  When down in the lobby helping with food donations, I finally learned and retained at least 12 of the resident's names.  Martha, Dee, Betty, Louise, Gerald, Burt, Willy, Debbie, Silgen, Linda, Kim, Michael and Gary.  These are all people I've been friendly with, even making friends with, but I just could never remember their names until today.  It was the strangest feeling - sudden clarity dawns and it's so easy again. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to remember the names of the people at the dog park.  I do know most of the dog names.

Phyically, I took Annie out at 7am, a full 2 hours earlier than usual, but that was because I fell asleep last night without taking her out for the last pee.  Then I did about 2 weeks worth of dishes.  After that, I went downstairs to help with the food donations till about noon.  Then I took Annie to the park for a couple of hours.  We watched a dance troupe learn and practice a new routine. 

When I came back, we visited the lobby rats for a little longer, and then we went home at about 4pm.  I rearranged and cleaned the kitchen some more.  Then I found space for some material and curtains that I've been storing in a large trash can, which was sitting in the bath tub.  I'd had to move it out every other day on shower days.  I gave the trash can away.

Jeremy wants me to figure out what is different - what did I do to feel better.  I just don't think it works that way.  My diet hasn't changed, and even if it had, I would think the changes would be gradual - not the night/day or black/white sudden-ness of symptoms coming down, or disappearing.  Last night I went to bed feeling like shit for the last few days, and this morning I practically leaped out of bed, and stayed strong all day long.  I didn't need a cane, or even Annie except for stairs. 

The only thing different is I had Gatorade yesterday for the first time since leaving Idaho.  With that thought, I believe I shall leap out of bed and got get some Gatorade!


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  1. That Gatorade is good stuff and the sugar helps that get up and go!
    Your Fridge looks great, can't wait to have fresh whole food back in mine once again.
    Love your music, on the blog!
    Have a wonderful week!


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