Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Success! Fail! Fail! Success! Fail! Success! Fail! Success! Wait. Wha...????

I HATE getting ready to go somewhere. Specially if it requires a shower beforehand cause of over-heating, which complicates the thinking process about getting ready, and getting there on time. So last night, I prepared ahead of time, packing my bag, Annie's bag, making sure I had my datebook, pen, book, poop bags, treats, bus card, ID, hospital card, insurance cards, etc. and that they were handy so I wouldn't have to search for them. My stuff was in a backpack, and Annie's in a purse. Oh, and camera! With new batteries! Doing all this helped ALOT this morning, as I showered and shaved for 3 doctor appointments. Yeah! I was proud of myself as I headed out the door 60 minutes before my appointment. Fifteen minutes for peeping and pooping Annie, 15 for the bus ride, to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time. Thirty minutes was a good buffer for the various lines you have to stand in at the hospital, cause so far, I'd never had trouble with late buses. All was well. Score! Hip hip hurray! Yippy skippy!

We walked to the bus shelter and saw the bus was arriving in 4 minutes. Success! I planned correctly! Yea for me! Yea for Annie peeing and pooping according to plan! I stood within arm's reach of the corner of the bus shelter and noticed I'd dropped the leash. As I bent down to pick it up, the bus drove by. As in... it did not stop! Wha....? Ummm... The next one would be in 10 minutes. So we walked ahead a couple of blocks to the next bus shelter, thinking, hmmm, that was my first legitimate bitch about Muni. Did that make me a bona fide San Francisco citizen?

I was the first in line of about 12 people for the next bus. As I took the first step on the bus and placed my card on the magic fare sucking machine, a black Pomeranian exploded out of this lady's purse, barking it's fool head off at Annie. They were sitting directly behind the bus driver. He looked VERY startled, and jumped out of his seat, looked at the black Pom, and told me I couldn't get on the bus. I stared at him, not sure I had heard what I heard, then told him my dog was a Service Animal.

He: That's too bad, you can't board the bus.

Black Pom: yip yip yap yap yip yip yap yap.

Me: Why not?

Black Pom: yip yip yapyap yip yip yip yapyap yap yap.

He: Her dog boarded first.

Black Pom: yip yipyip yip yip yip yap yap yap.

Me: My dog is a Service Animal. (Surely he knows the law?)

He: You'll have to wait for the next bus.

Black Pom: yip yip yip yap yap yap.

Me: I have 3 doctor appointments to get to, and my dog is a Service Animal.

Black Pom: yip yip yip yap yap yap yap.

(Notice Annie hasn't said anything yet? That's because she's standing with her front feet on the first step, and her back feet still on the sidewalk, gazing calmly at the hysterical Pomeranian)

The Throwdown Bus.  Bring it ON!
 Black Pom: yip yap yip yap yippy skippy you bitch! (Directed towards me or Annie, I'm not sure which)

Now I'm angry. The rules say dogs have to be well-behaved. I wasn't sure about non-service animal rules, but I vaguely recalled that little dogs might have to be in approved airline type carriers, and I was fairly certain that loose dogs had to be leashed (Black Pom wasn't), and I was POSITIVE that they had to be under the owner's control at all times. Leashed and controlled are the Service Animal rules - it stands to reason that would be the minimum for non-service animals? Call me crazy, but I don't think a hysterically yappy little dog that cusses is under it's owner's control.

Me: That dog isn't a service animal, because if it was, it wouldn't be barking like that.

Black Pom: YOU FAT BITCH! (I became sure it was directed towards me) yip yip yip yap yap yap yup yup yup!

He: It's not a service animal, but it boarded first, so you'll have to take the next bus.

Me: (Incredulous) My dog isn't making a sound, but she's not allowed on the bus, and that one is NOT a service dog, and it's allowed on the bus, acting like that???

Black Pom: yippy I yo, yippy I a,  yip yap yap yip yap loser.

He: YOUR dog is making THIS dog bark! It wasn't barking till it saw YOUR dog!

Black Pom: yip yup  yea yip yap yup yap yup yea yes hurray!

At that point, I stepped off the bus, and stared in disbelief at the victorious Black Pomeranian, and something rude slipped out of my mouth - along the lines of the driver being seriously... wrong. I'm also aware that my 30 minute leeway had dipped to 10 minutes, and the next bus wouldn't be for another 10 minutes, therefore making me to the appointment on time, barely. Barring any lines, or further bus incidents.  FAIL. Sucks. Shit. Damnation.

Several of the 10-12 people commiserated with me as they passed by and boarded the bus, and one told me to call Muni to complain. I did, as I walked to the next stop, to save some time.  I am so sure that I am right, and the driver needs to be educated, that I requested a hearing. Am waiting for the call back.

I boarded the 3rd bus, holding my breath, and it was almost empty. Lots of room for Annie! Yea!  I pulled to "Stop Requested" cord at the appropriate time, but he blew past the stop right in front of the hospital, and stopped 2 blocks later!  The walk to the right building would be about 1- minutes if all goes well. As I stood up to offload, my purse dropped on the floor. When I stooped down to pick it up, the bus started moving again. ? "Wait, I'm getting off!!  He drove another block before he let me off! There went my 10 minutes, and I am STRESSED because it takes months to get neurology appointments, and they are VERY strict about being late or missing them. And with the stress, I can feel the numbness, pain, and weakness settling in. FAIL! But for once, I wasn't over-heated. I'd managed to dress correctly! SCORE! I'm such an expert on San Francisco weather, and of MS!!!  Winner!

 I found this shirt at the thrift store for a couple bucks.  I used to cut out the "Love Is" cartoon out of the newspaper growing up, for YEARS.  I still have a bunch of them, waiting to be decoupaged onto some project.  It's the most Valentiny thing I own, so Happy Valentine's Day, peeps. 

I did this jar years ago.


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