Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's a Perfect Day


It's a perfect day outside - sunny, but a cool breeze, so I can do it.  Hank is learning fast.  He asked me, "Can you do it?" instead of saying, "It's a perfect day today for doing something outside".  This is Delores Park from another angle.  

Erg.  I can't remember the name of the statue.  I know it is somebody Mexican.  I was going to save this for ... erg again.  That Mexican holiday coming up?  But since I took the picture because of the bird and what looks like bird poopies dripping down his head, perhaps posting it on that holiday would be disrespectful.  I could Google it, but I'm curious as to just how many brain blips I can have for this post.  So far, we have;
1.  "Somebody Mexican"
2.  "That Mexican holiday coming up?"

 These... flowers were sitting in a 5 gallon bucket (Hank was oddly thrilled by that) on the sidewalk. So I took about 10 stems for 2 vases.  This is one of them on the floor.  I have no idea why one foot is redder than the other.  They were on fire with pain at the time, if that helps any.

3.  "These flowers..."  (I was a florist for 3 years, for hell's sake)

I wish I could put Jeremy's pictures up on a higher shelf, but it kept falling down.  The desk keeps it from doing that.  Anyone notice my secret boyfriend?  I haven't told Hank yet.  Perhaps tonight, there's a race starting at 5pm.  Which means I need to get off this computer so I can "go do it"! in time for the race.  

Hmm.  Treasure Island Flea Market, .... damnit.  Or that place where you get fresh, local vegetables?  What it that called?  Or we could do the aquarium - it's free for my neighborhood this weekend.  Or the Walk Against Rape.  So many choices.  Right now I can hear a bunch of drums marching down the street.  

4.  "That place were you get fresh, local vegetables?"

My son is traveling just to be traveling again this weekend.  To Nashville.  Alone.  I asked him what was in Nashville, meaning was there something special he wanted to see, and he said "Don't know.  I'll find out though".  Wonder where he got that traveling by the seat of your pants thing from... ?  It'll give his grandmother fits, but maybe she's got used to it by now cause of how I No Plan Travel.  I told him he needed to start writing again about his travels like he did the baseball parks, but he said he's too busy.  Well, if he'd stay home once in awhile, he'd have the time to blog! ... 

Crap.  The race is starting NOW.  Oh dear.  I can't believe I just said a sentence with "crap" and "race" in the same sentence.  That's so disrespectful as a NASCAR fan.  My bad.

I'm a little worried I'm becoming Less Idaho and More San Francisco.  I walked past a for rent sign that said 2 bedroom for $3600.00.  I thought to myself, hmmm that's not bad.  As if I had ANY business thinking ANYTHING about it, living on $790.00 a month!

I'm off to go do it.  


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  1. The flowers are beautiful! I understand your sons travels son says the same thing to me.


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