Wednesday, April 25, 2012

N Speck Shin Time

There was an inspection of the apartments today, and all I basically had to do to get ready for it was unpack my suitcase (from traveling 2 weeks ago), wash some dishes and vacuum the carpets.  I clean the cat box every day, and keep the litter tracks swept up pretty good.  I just decided that I'm not going to do the manic scrub every surface down, vacuum every inch, mop, etc., just cause the landlady is coming.  I live the way I live, and it's not a pigsty, and oddly, it's much easier to keep my home clean in this tiny little space, so I just don't give a hoot anymore about being judged for my housekeeping.  I did change the bed, cause I had bought a new mattress pad for it, and the bedding did need changing.  With 3 animals sleeping with me every night... well, really... I should change the sheets every other day...

Now... here's the thing.  I truly have a lot of respect for the landlady.  She really, really knows her job.  Evidently, she was brought in to solve the problems that existed from previous managers.  She is ON THE MONEY when it comes to the paperwork.  And believe me, there is a lot of paperwork... especially when you have a service dog and ... two cats.  I don't even want to go into it. 

But I will.  One day as I brought her papers to prove the cats had been vaccinated, she snapped at me, asking why I didn't just have all my papers for my animals all together at one time.  This had been about our 12th contact with each other, trying to get it all done.  Ummm, was it because she kept telling me every other week some new rule or regulation that I needed to measure up to?  First she said I couldn't have the cats, then she said I could only have one, then she gave me some more paperwork with something that said I could have 2 small pets, blah blah blah.  A service animal is not considered a PET, so, in theory, that should mean I could keep the 2 cats! 

I don't like taking advantage of fine lines like that, but in the case of live animals... that I am responsible for... I used it and provided proof that service animals aren't considered pets, and underlined her own paperwork that said I could have 2 small pets, that I had provided vet care and vaccinations, blah blah blah. 

She also said all pets had to be under 50 pounds.  There are no weight restrictions on service animals, so I had to provide proof of that also.

As a result, I don't think she likes me.  I think she took it as I out-smarted her.  Plus, she simply doesn't like animals - they are germ-y. 

Today, she showed up in this.  Literally.  Cept her gloves were white.  Victor, our maintenance man, came in with her, and he's been in here several times cause I save my aluminum cans for him.  Annie barks a couple of times when someone knocks on the door, which is good, because I don't hear it alot of the time.  She never barks at Victor, because he makes an effort to call her name and now she's used to him.

I had started cooking some eggs for breakfast, and naturally, that's when they knocked on the door.  I opened it, and there stood the white space suit lady.  Annie barked and barked her fool head off and my eggs were ready to be plated.  (ha.  "Plated"  I watch cooking shows). 

Also, I have to move the shopping cart thingy away from the door, and into the kitchen in order to let anyone in.  I was tangled up in dog, wire cart, spatula in hand, and eggs ready to burn.  So I said just a minute, and slammed the door shut.  Took the eggs off the heat, stepped out of the kitchen so I could move the cart into the kitchen, put down the spatula, and grabbed the dog.  Then I opened the front door again.  The space suited landlady was in the apartment across the way, so Victor came in, and asked me if there was anything wrong with the apartment.  It was obvious he was trying to spare either her from having to come in (cause Annie saw her again and was barking), or me from having to deal with her myself.  I showed him the two things that needed fixed, and said to him "She's something of a germophobe, yes?"  He said it drove him crazy sometimes.  He was in and out in about a minute, and walked out the door, but she stopped him and said she wanted to see too. 

Annie, meanwhile is either barking or growling, and I can tell that the landlady is honestly afraid of dogs.  I don't have a problem with that, but when she ignored my suggestion of just calling her name (Annie's) a couple of times, I didn't care about making her comfortable - she could stay scared.  I held Annie back on the carpet, and heard Victor telling her that Annie was just protecting me (thanks Victor!).  Annie did stop barking when I told her to, but then she kept growling, which to me, is even more scary.  SpaceSuit Landlady walked in, took a look in the bathroom and left.  Without saying a word to me, or even looking at me.  Now THAT pissed me off.  I heard Victor muttering to her that he's never heard Annie acting like that before.  (Thanks Victor!) 

She hadn't heard yet from Victor what the 2 things were that needed fixed, nor did she say anything to me, and she was in and out so quick that I didn't get to show her the bathroom fan that sounds like a rocket ship taking off when I turn it on, or the partition wall behind the stove that MOVES when I fall and grab for it to save myself. 

I have no doubt she will call me into the office about my barking dog.  (The guy below me has complained about barking, and that I keep him awake with my noise).  As I said Annie only barks when someone knocks on the door which very rarely happens - I don't know anybody!  Gary, the cat-sitter knocks, but Annie is used to him, so she doesn't bark.  The point is - the barking the guy is hearing is not Annie - it's the new neighbors in the building next to us.  

I don't feel bad that Annie was barking and growling.  I haven't socialized her spacemen!  Now that I think about it, living in the Castro, we see people in all sorts of costumes on any given day.  Bunnies have been real popular the last couple weeks. 

I think it was the mask, more than anything that bothered Annie.  And I don't care if it upsets the landlady.  When she sees me in the building, she looks at me literally, with this face ------------------------->

I told Gary about it, and he says she does the same thing to him - he's got 3 dogs with him, so I really think it's cause she doesn't like dogs.  Because of her reaction, it seems more like she doesn't like people who HAVE dogs!  And since I have Annie with me 24/7, she sees a lot of us.  So ... she doesn't like me.  Face it, Me.  Wahh.  To bad So sad. 

When she snaps at me about my barking dog, do you think it would be inappropriate for me to tell her "My dog only barks at space aliens" or maybe "If you looked and talked like a human, she wouldn't bark at you!"....

Yea.  Maybe better not.


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