Monday, April 23, 2012

My Service Dog is a Thief


A couple of visits ago to Idaho, my mom, Annie and I were shopping at Wal-mart.  As we walked towards the registers, I happened to look down at Annie, and she had an Angry Bird stuffed toy in her mouth.  I had no idea where she picked it up.  We could have walked out of the store and triggered the shoplifting alarm that beams a spotlight on you with the siren sounds and blue cop lights spinning around!

As my mom and I laughed over it, this lady came over and handed me a 5 dollar bill so we could buy it.  Of course, I tried to give it back to her, but she insisted, because Annie was so damn cute about it.  So I asked if I could take her picture and Annie acted like a damn fool, refusing to sit up.

Later, over lunch, I got to thinking.  I knew Angry Birds were really popular, and just my luck, the stuffy probably cost 15 dollars!  I looked at the receipt - well, okay, it was 8 dollars.

A month ago, when I had to go back to the hardware store several times before my keys were made correctly, Annie had shop-lifted a Reese's Piece of candy that they had in a bowl on the counter.  Someone was pointing and laughing at her, and I looked down at her - she had a piece in her mouth.  Grrrrr.  There she is, needing discipline/training to not do that, but she's getting attention from others for being so cute and personable.   And she damn well knows it!

This dog.  She always makes me laugh.



  1. :D Laughing is a good thing....maysic youtpe


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