Saturday, June 2, 2012

Black is the New Worry

When I'm giving loves to the animals, it's "Hello there, you big red dog" and "Hi dere, you big fat fuzzy Barfee" and then there's "I love you, big black cat.  I worry about sounding racist.  I mean, why am I mentioning color at all?  Or for that matter, Barf being fat?  He's not really fat, he's just very, very long-haired.

I worried about it with Muttin too.  I'd yell out "Come back here, you little black bitch"... and then hope no-one heard me say the word black.

I ordered this after much studying of the Internet all night.  

Instead of Guide Dog, the patches will say "Mobility Dog".  I'm so excited.  I won't have to deal with a leash anymore, and she will learn where she needs to stand by my stance rather than my handling of the leash and verbal commands that I fail to remember, use at the right time, spit out wrong, etc.  

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