Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dover, an Announcement, and a Random MS Factoid

One of the frustrating things often said to me is "Yea, but that's just getting older, too", if I'm commenting on some such symptom or other.  It feels like my very real frustrations are being negated, and that I have no right to be complaining because, after all, we're all getting older, right?

New research suggests that MS'ers lose functions (nerve loss) (affecting what I take to mean all sorts of "age" related factors) (like getting weaker, pee problems, chewing, walking, hearing, seeing) at a rate of 1% a year, compared to a "normal" 0.1% a year.

I've felt like an old lady since the young age of about 35 - not all in my head!

Rot ro... it happened again.

However, he's having a decent day on the track at Dover.

Starting July 1st, in celebrating what I've come to think of as my freedom to be me, I will be starting a new DAILY feature on my blog conducting something very personal, requiring some pre-work, such as redecorating the blog, building some sort of advertisement thingy to put on the trike, joining a ... group of people sanctioning their actions and even business cards.

No... it's not that I've decided to go gay.  I'd be announcing that this month.  Which reminds me, should anyone want to come visit me, the weekend of the 23rd would be the most... educational about what this city is about.  It's Gay Pride Week, and the costumes alone are worth the trip.

I shouldn't say being gay is what this city is all about.  What this city is about is that you're allowed to be Anyone or Anything you want to be and no one will stare at you.  Unless you're an Idahoan who can't believe half the things she's seen here...

Good God, I'm TIRED of all these animals at my feet!

Hank is figuring out a way to keep my coke on ice closer to my bed, since me and the bed are such best friends lately.  He must be independently wealthy, since he doesn't seem too worried about getting a job.  I can't believe I haven't grilled him about it, but I honestly don't care.  He spends alot of time away from me during the weekdays, treating looking for a job LIKE a job.  I also see him just gazing out at the city tho, the same way I did, when I first moved here.  


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