Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farmer's Markets. Who knew?

I had the best time this past Sunday!

One of my dog park friends, Zill, and I went to the Heart of the City Farmer's Market. And I was FLOORED at all the great looking produce for GREAT prices!  I've been to a couple of other farmer's markets where the prices were more expensive than the grocery store.  Plus they didn't take food stamps or debit cards.  I pretty much never carry cash.  So my belief that I would be able to eat cheaper in San Francisco because of the corner markets (where the produce spoils very quickly), and the many farmer's markets were expensive didn't pan out.

I told Zill that I couldn't give a definite answer until the night before, and even then I might need to cancel Sunday morning, depending of this shit disease I may have mentioned once or twice.  I wanted to walk in order to give Annie practice with her new harness, but remembered that I never want to go thru that horrible fatigue phase ever again, so I rode my bike.

Have I mentioned that the bike (trike) is making a HUGE difference in my life?  Today I made it up the slight hill on my block, all the way, without having to get off and walk!  It's easy to gauge one's progress around here... just pick a damn hill!

Anyways, Zill walked, and I rode my bike next to her, and I had so much fun.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of selections - even the fish was priced well within my price range.  And walnuts?  One pound for $2.50!  It's over 8 dollars at Safeway!

I found out that this particular farmer's market DOES take debit cards and food stamps.  By the way, whenever I say food stamps here, cashiers look at me confused.  It's called and EBT card, and works like a debit card, only for food.  Food only, too.  No toothpaste or cat litter.  

It's a good ride on the bike - mostly no hills at all, and if I went by myself, it'd take about 15 minutes to get there.  So it's not like it's an all day ordeal.  I'm just so excited. 

My son strongly believes that diet has something to do with my MS flare-ups, and after the fatigue one, for the first time, I want to track my diet and symptoms to see if is a factor.  But of course - just eating better will improve my health overall, duh.

I'm joining Weight Watcher's next month, and am going to start a support group with my friend, Steve, in Idaho, and Gary, my cat sitter down the hall.  We're going to challenge each other, and hold each other accountable for exercising.  Steve got himself a bike too.  Gary's a dog walker, and is motivated because he was recently dx'd with diabetes.  Also, on July 1st, I'm starting something else that will hold myself accountable, but am not quite ready to reveal the "project".  Let's just say that it involves the trike and signage.

I got up at 8:30 this morning and rode the bike around and threw the ball for Annie, before the heat comes.  There was a "heat wave" of 2 days.  Still makes me laugh.  But for me, anything over 70 degrees is too hot for me, so the earlier I can get out, the better.

I feel like I'm actively take charge of this shit disease I may have mentioned before.
Hanging in there,

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  1. Hey, it is wonderful that you can get fresh veggies and start to eat better; I wish I could eat more but I have to watch my uncooked veggie intake 'cause my stomach won't digest it very well. I look forward to supporting each other on the exercise and diet. Talk later.


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