Thursday, June 14, 2012

Of Course. I Spoke Too Soon.

MS is always one step behind me, breathing down my neck, waiting to grab hold at the slightest mis-step.

I feel like shit again.  Day two.

The mis-step?  Sleeping with a blanket cause it's cold.  Even so, knowing that I over-heat at the mere thought of sunshine, the blanket covers only my upper body.  As long as my arms are covered, I feel warm enough.  I use only one corner of the blanket.

Evidently, in my sleep, I covered up my whole body, even my feet.  Covering my feet is a big no-no.  Might as well just send me to Over Heat City as a permanent residence.

I woke up warm and cozy.  But I had to use the bars on my hospital bed in order to get up and out of the bed.  It's about 10 steps to the bathroom, and I fell.  Sleeping warm made my legs into wet noodles.

I spent the day in bed, worn out from sleeping too warm because it was cold.

There's no winning.

It's always there.

Behind my back.



Hanging in there,

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