Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora, Colorado

SonOne used to live in Aurora, Colorado, and I did not know if he still lived there when he bought his new house.  I turned on the news this noon and saw the story about the shooting at the Batman movie premiere. 

This is how my brain worked.

Hmmmm.  Aurora.  That sounds familiar.  Hmmm Outside Denver.  Yeeps I know this place.  Jeremy lives there.  Or does he?  I don't know where his new house is located.  Regardless, he is there or nearby.

I texted him. 

"Are you there?"  

No answer. 

Me:  hmmm he texted me last night with a "Hi !", at 11:15ish my time, which is 12:15ish his time.  We texted back and forth a couple of times and then just quit.  The shooting happened at midnight.  Was he happy cause he was at the movies???  Totally feasible. 

Oh man, he's dead cause he hasn't answered. 

Not two minutes had passed.  I called him.  He answered. 

Me:  Are you okay? 

He:  Laughs.  "Yes".  He said he and his friend, who had just recently moved there, had had several phone calls asking if she was okay, and he hadn't had any phone calls, and was getting a chuckle out of it when I called. 

Me:  Well, I texted the second I heard.  So you're okay? 

He:  Yes. 

Me:  K.  I love you.

He:  love you too. 

I hung up in a hurry cause my heart hurt from beating too fast.  This mothering gig doesn't ever get easier. 

Now that I think about it, what if I didn't tell him I loved him?  Habit is habit and I don't remember.

Jeremy, I LOVE you.  Love, love, love you.  Please don't ever go to the movies.  Thankyouverymuch. 


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