Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

I should start a book called "The Trike and I".  Because of it, I'm finally doing what I wanted to do, which was to see the city in which I dreamed of moving to.  I'm able to ride the trike and whomever I'm with just walks along with me.  I'm really respectful of people on the sidewalk, not zooming along like a tiny Honda amongst a bunch of SUV's.  Hank sold his bike cause he'd rather walk the hills, and there's so many stairs in this city - he doesn't like carrying it.  So he walks with me and I carry the load of our adventures in the bike basket.  So Handy.  

Hank, Annie and I are out on the bike, exploring the city.  I'm trying to find the Trans America building.  You'd think it'd be easy to find.  It's my third journey downtown, specifically to find "downtown".  It doesn't ever occur to me to look it up on a map beforehand - it seems like it would be easy to find, so who needs a map?  Exploring is the name of the game, right?  Hank, typically hates to ask for directions, so he's mute on the subject, which works for my exploring gene. 

But there's a problem with all this exploring on the bike.  I've been averaging at least 4 miles a day, and there's been a couple of days where I've done 8 and 10 miles.  

The problem?  

I get HUNGRY.  I haven't been hungry in a long time.  Evidently, I've been keeping myself well protected from that particular feeling.  

The evidence?

Can you see it?  It's proof that it DOES exist in San Francisco, despite my earlier belief that large, corporate chains don't exist in this city. 

It's Wal*Mart that isn't allowed - because of it's poor ... I can't think of the word.  Something about it's poor treatment of it's employees.  I hear there is a Target coming to town.  There's already a PetCo, Whole Foods galore and a Burger King.

As we walked down the street, I told Hank, "hmmm, smells like a McDonalds near by".  We looked around, and sure enough... there was a McDonalds!

Dun dun dun.

Despite it being weigh-in day at Weight Watchers later on that evening

Hello, six pound weight gain.  


Updated Thursday Morning:  The points for this McDonalds meal?  52.  Points I am allowed?  27.  Ahem.  


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