Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lessons Learned

Things I Learned Today on a Bike Ride that Started Out as A Dog Bathroom Break But the City Lured Me to Keep Pedaling:

1.   Bring a map.  I ended up under the Bay Bridge, and the Ferry Building.  And took the LONG way around.  I in no way planned to go there.  The street I kept looking for never showed up, and I kept going. 

2.  Bring the camera.  When you find yourself in areas of the city you hadn't planned on but suddenly you're at places you've been wanting to see... it'd be nice to have the camera.

3.  Bring money, debit or ebt card.  Today's ride was 8 miles.  I got HUNGRY, and passed a million cheap places to eat.  Alot of restaurants will take food stamps too.

4.  Always, always, always bring water for the dog.  Luckily, I ran across two parks that had water bowls for dogs next to the people fountain, which Annie didn't think was good enough for her (none of my animals like San Francisco water unless it's ice cold).

5.  Always bring a jacket.  Weather changes from neighborhood to neighborhood.

6.  Always bring an umbrella, for the same reason.

7.  Always wear the weird toe shoes.  The other shoes don't work - by the end of the ride today, my ankles were two joints made of jello and kept collapsing.  The toe shoes will work better than clogs.

8.  Don't wear twirly swirly skirts without shorts underneath - the wind is a factor in San Francisco. 

9.  Go again tomorrow cause it was so fun.

By the way, I lost 3.7 pounds on my first week with Weight Watchers.  I'm afraid I'm not a support group sort of person anymore, tho.


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