Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Snippets

I missed the Nascar race last night, thanks to Comcast's messing up my account and me losing my temper and cancelling my Preferred channels, down to Basic.  Who knew that would leave me with only 30 channels??? Sheesh.  I hate those promotional deals they get to suck you in, and when the promotion is over, it's waaaayyy more expensive then what it was supposed to be.  I remember specifically that it was spose to be under 75 bucks, and I missed the notice (if there actually was one) that said the promotion was over.  $139.00 a month, here it was! 

My neighbor is singing along with his music.  I find it amusing and comforting.  I love happiness.  And hahaha, just as I typed that - another neighbor is screaming at somebody.  Something about "good" people don't live in filth.  The neighbor below me must be smoking pot.  Secondary high, anyone? 

Annie and I went down to the courtyard to do her bizness this morning cause I didn't want to get distracted by taking her out in the world, which tends to happen every time I go out.  I was in the rare mood to clean up my apartment.  When we were down there, my suspicions were confirmed.  It IS my cat who is meowing his fool head off.  Evidently, he can hear me and Annie playing ball in the courtyard.

I'm working hard to get my project off the ground, but it's requiring me to set up another blog.  Somehow I set up 2 separate accounts, which requires extra steps that I do not want to do, and got all confused being numbers and passwords and blah blah blah.  And then?  My new blog was removed by Blogger for spam!  It's a long process to get it back, and I need to get it back, since my new business cards have that web address on them.  Blogger responded today, and now it's up for "review".  A blog with no content in it yet should be reinstated pretty quickly.

My hands are hurting today.  I finally got my Lyrica prescription sorted out correctly.  It took my neuro a couple times to rewrite the script from 60 pills to 90, so that the pharmacy could get Medicare to pay for it.  The one "complaint" I have with the medical care here is that I have to deal with doctors in training.  My neuro is a resident and so, moved on to something else.  The doctor taking her place says there's no notes in my chart regarding another MRI on my spine.  I have the prescription for the Ativan for it, cause I get just a little freaked out.  He was going to get in touch with her, but I haven't heard anything for a month.  I'm spose to have another appointment for the spinal tap results, but again, the ball has been dropped because of the switch in doctors.  I'm not really complaining - it just requires my having to make follow-up phone calls, which I HATE to do. 

My first Weight Watcher's weigh-in is Tuesday nite, so I'll make Wednesdays be my day to post the numbers.  Weight-in Wednesday... works for me.  I didn't track my foods very well, since I didn't have much food to track... my food stamps got cancelled despite my efforts to get my paperwork in on time.  I remember asking on Facebook to get yelled at to get it done.  Well, I got yelled at, and got the paperwork DONE.  Getting it MAILED seemed to be a whole nother issue.  Am rolling eyes at myself.  But I called on Friday, and I should get the letter reinstating them this week.  Same with my Medi-Cal, which hasn't been a problem.  So far, all it pays is the Vitamin D prescription.  Did you know Vit D is the lastest "thing" for "curing" MS?  Not curing exactly... just that MS'ers seem to have a severe deficiency of Vit D.  I, for one, started it about a month ago and I wonder if it has anything to do with my current state of health, which includes not falls for about 2 weeks now...  hmmm.

A word from the wise, learned hard.  I used to dry food out all the time for my cats.  Barf seemed to be eating the majority of it, cause he was gaining weight, and I never saw Hiney at the dish.  I read something online about feeding them only twice a day, and stop the free-feeding.  So they've been getting canned wet food, (and I add water, cause most cats don't drink enough water) in the morning, and a quarter of a cup of dry food in the evening.

By doing this, much to my happiness, it stopped Barf's incessant meowing all day.  Now he only meows twice a day - when it's morning feed and evening feed.  They have their own spot in the apartment and their own dish.  Now I know who's eating what and how much, and rarely do I see either at the other's dish. 

Why having constant dry food in their dish made Barf meow all freaking day long, but now, NOT having it except in the evening, he's NOT meowing all day long... I have no idea.  I guess I'm not that wise after all.


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