Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weight Watchers

Today is day 3 of my new project.  I started it yesterday, but I was overwhelmed with too many options, including shopping properly for food.  I had to wait till today for my Magic Money (Disabiliy check that appears in my account every month when I haven't done anything to earn it) to come in.

So, off I went to the grocery store this morning, riding my back 6 blocks up the road, with Annie.  Number one item?  Cat litter.  I have to shop smart because I'm only got so much room on the bike to haul things.  Two boxes (40 lbs) of cat litter, 2 loaves of healthy bread, 2 packages of pita pockets, 1 lbs raisins, and a large bunch of bananas later, we went up to check ourselves out.

&#$%$@$%$&$#  No wallet.  I can't tell you how many times I leave the house only to discover I've forgotten something.

I had to make the trip twice, but I really didn't mind, since I saw it as exercise, rather than being a dummy who can't remember a damn thing.

Okay, now for the project.

It is me.  And I shall be completely narcissistic with all these pictures of ME Me me!  So you can see how patriotic I am.  Plus I joined Weight Watchers last nite, and I'm going to do more pictures of me on the blog to help keep me accountable.  Yea, that's it.  There must be something wrong with my camera cause most of these are blurry. 


I joined Weight Watchers last night and also an online support group at  My friend Steve, in Idaho and I are going to keep track of each other, and possible my cat-sitter down the hall will do it with me too.

Not such a big deal, right?  But I know myself.  It's not going to be enough.


The other part of my project has to be put on hold until my business cards come in, supposedly on the 18th of this month, but they've been known to be faster than that.  Another part requires ink in my printer, which I don't have and can't afford.  Then it dawned on me that I could go the the library and use their's, so I went to the library, which is about 4 blocks away.  Only to find it closed today.  So I thought I'd go buy some stencils and do it the old fashioned way.  But they were closed too.  Every other store on Castro seems to be open, but not the one I need!

Oh my.  The sounds of fireworks are beginning.  For some reason, Annie seems to have developed a fear of popping/gunshot sounds over the last year.  I have to ignore her and not soothe her with "pooor scared girl, it's gonna be okayyyy" sounds, because that's rewarding her scared behavior.

We're going to go do laundry now.  Fun Vill!

Hanging in there,

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  1. Good luck kiddo!! I need to do this too...lose weight and get back in shape. My mind keeps telling me I am young, but my body rebels at the least activity... Will watch for good results. Will let you know if I get started!


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