Thursday, August 2, 2012

City Hall Bike Ride

Safe feeling bike path
Hank and I went bike riding last week, and I warned him that if he didn't let me start letting me post pictures of him, I'd start referring to him as Hank E. Panky in the blog.

There's a HUGE biking community in this city, because it's "green", and people are encouraged to ride bikes, to ease up on the public transportation system.  I recently attended a 4 hour bike safety class and learned all the many ways I've been breaking the law!

Hank E. Panky, Annie and I enjoyed biking downtown around City Hall and the Civic Center. 

Sitting so GOOOOD even tho her ball is rolling away...

I get confused every time I see this building, because to me, it looks like a capital building, which would make San Francisco the capital of California.  But no, this is "just" City Hall.  I got the opportunity to go inside the other day, as there was a hearing about a group of people who wanted to get funding for getting Delores Park and area designated as a Historical .... site.... place.... Neighborhood.  Which would delay the renovation of the park for years.  It's already being delayed by the Arts Counsel right now - they don't like the look of one of the restrooms the Steering Committee approved of.  It would have entailed getting the okay of the residents of over a thousand buildings, most of which are apartment buildinngs with multiple families in them.  One of the guys who was on the Steering Committee for the park renovation emailed everyone, warning of the "danger" of this, and our presence would be good at the hearing.  Three of us showed up, and spoke of our disapproval of the Historical plan, based on the fact that we hadn't been aware of such plans during the Steering Committee process, and it seemed a bit shady that a small number of people who claimed to have been meeting once a month for 7 years to get this done, but no one had ever heard of this group.  I even spoke up - me being "political", but they were messing with MY park, gol darn it! 

This is a good picture of the weird trees in front of City Hall, but I was mostly taking pictures of this guy with his pugs.

His fat pugs.

See how cleverly I used Annie as my subject?  

She always does as I tell her.  All I had to say was "Annie, go smell the flowers so I can pretend I'm taking your picture rather than the Fat Pugs behind you".

She so smart.

The very Fat Pugs

 Here I was cleverly taking a picture of this girl's shoe.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed the Fat Pugs in the same picture.... 

 Could they be fat because he brought them to the park in a stroller???  He parked them at the halfway point of the block, and walk them only one time the length of the block.  They wanted to play with Annie, but the man wouldn't let them - poor things.  Pugs often have breathing problems anyway cause their breeding has mushed their faces/noses so much, and I could hear these poor dogs wheezing the entire time they were there. 

Hank E. Panky thinks I get too overly worked up over dogs.  Sniff.

The Asian Museum.  Dog Park peops say well worth going

Hank is obsessed with how many newspapers SF has.  I told him he gets too worked up over them  

No idea...

I think this is the San Francisco Symphony Center

Speaking of the Symphony, they played in Delores Park last Sunday.  It was A MAZ ING.  

Our bike ride mapped at 5.93 miles.  

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