Sunday, August 5, 2012

Affording one of the most expensive cities in the USA

I have too many clothes.  I have so many clothes that I only do laundry once a month.  And I rarely repeat.  Well, that's not true.  I usually wear pants, shorts, and skirts twice before they're tossed into the hamper.

Two thoughts occurred to me the other day.  One, if I got rid of all the colors, and keep only the black and white, I could get rid of two rather large pieces of "furniture".  But then I think how much I love peach and the horrible lime green colors, and they look GOOD on me.  And if you have a bunch of black and white things, which I do.... well, so many colors DO go well with black and white.  It's a quandary for sure. 

The other thing is that I never wear pants anymore.  If I got rid of all my pants, that would be progress.  But I don't have enough skirts and dresses to last the entire month, and I'd hate to start doing laundry twice a month...

Why am I blogging about this?  Because, once again, the Oprah effect happened.  Simply by thinking about the clothes situation, evidently is enough.

Yesterday, I rode past two bags of clothes.  I normally ignore bags of clothing, because I worry about cooties, bedbugs and lice.  But there was a gorgeous mint colored ... something, made of the fuzzy material that I used for my quilts.  We were in a good neighborhood, and everything was folded nice and neatly, so I risked it.  Also, I got a whiff of laundry soap, so it seemed like they'd been freshly washed!  I grabbed both bags and threw them into the basket.

First, the lovely mint green thing...

For some reason, I didn't have a bathrobe, which wasn't a problem until I made friends with the 2 gays guys on my floor.  The kind of friends who knock on your door late at night to borrow something, or to gossip about the lobby rats.  (Residents who hang out in the lobby all the time)

This fits the bill nicely.  It's made of that lovely soft fuzzy material too, that I love.  It doesn't seem to attract cat and dog hair either.  Or maybe you just don't see it.

And then... guess what?  
Simple black wrap around dress
Blue shirt dress

Green little dress (Liz Claiborne)

Black sleeveless cotton dress

Rust colored dress (Liz Claiborne)


Black shirt dress
Dressy dress w/belt
Lacy table cloth that looks very expensive

The tablecloth is too nice to use as a curtain, I only hung it in order to get a good picture of it.  It's perfectly made and clean - I love it.  There were several blouses and little sweaters in black, white, and lime green.  Everything but the light blue shirt dress are designer labels.  I'm really picky about synthetics material - don't like them.  Everything but the black wraparound dress is made of some blend of cotton - very comfortable. 

Everything is also bike riding friendly.  There's a couple things that might be too short, but it's very fashionable to wear little shorts under dresses here, because of the wind.  I'll have to find some of those.

Boy, as I type this... I'm getting a good whiff of pot smoking from the apartment downstairs.

See, Michael?  I can too afford to live in San Francisco!

Speaking of which, I found a new food source.  Every Monday, the Women's Building (3 blocks away) gives away food.

With Weight Watchers taking space in my head, I actually made of stew with the potatoes, onions, carrots and cabbage.  I kept thinking it was missing something and then I realized it was missing stew meat.  Protein.  So I added a can of garbanzo beans instead.


When school starts up again, there's another food giveaway on Fridays at the school (2 blocks away).  They have milk, juices, and whatever else got leftover from the lunches.

I think I'm doing just fine, thankyouverymuch!

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