Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hmmm.  Perhaps my lack of blogging was because I lived alone and had nothing to say because there was too much silence.  With Michael here, seems I'm babbbling my head off all the time, which he particularly loves when he's focusing on something on the computer.  Conversations make ideas bounce around in my brain for the blog.  Plus he makes me laugh (inside) cause he's so funny.  Hence, the new "Michaelims" category in the blog.  All must be pre-approved, of course.  Which is going to be a battle cause he doesn't appreciate my sense of humor.  Those of you who know me do, so you'll know I'm not making fun of him, right?  Of course, right.  Suddenly, I have blog fodder!
Doing the dishes! 

He does the dishes and cooks for us, which is so wonderful for me cause the less I'm in the kitchen, the better I like it.  I'm even losing weight cause he actually cooks meat, rather than letting it spoil in the fridge.  Proteins important for losing weight.  Makes the body believe it's getting nutrition, rather than holding on to the fat when all you're eating is junk food. 

Point being, he's in the kitchen alot.  Two to three times a day, plus his coffee trips.  And he's been here... 3 weeks now? 

Last night he made pork chops by dipping them in raw egg batter and coating them with flour.

Michael:  What do I do with the leftover egg stuff?
Me:  Dump it in Annie's bowl.
Michael:  Where's her bowl? 

Tossing something in garbage. 
I bet the entire Internet notices where the dog bowls are.....


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