Friday, November 2, 2012

Doggie Ear Infection


Annie had an ear infection during the last weeks I was in Idaho.  The vet visit and treatment and prescription?  $80 bucks.  Follow-up included. 

Annie had an ear infection during the last week here in San Francisco.  The vet visit and treatment and prescription?  $270 bucks.  Follow-up remains to be seen, but was told that it counts as another office visit minimum.

San Francisco?  Not so much in love with you at the moment.

The treatment was a one time something put into her ear so I wouldn't have to do drops every day.  Turns out that was less expensive too.  But man, has it made the one side of her head a gloppy mess.  You can tell in this picture - the dark, oily looking area around her ear is the drainage.

She doesn't seem to have been born with the gene that makes some dogs never get water in their ears.  She can't even take a shower without getting water in there, it seems.  Sundays are her spa days, where I groom her really well, and check all her body parts to make sure all is well.  I've been cleaning her ears with water or hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls.  Ooops.  Not spose to do that.  It's not like I made water drip down her ears... just used it to dampen the cotton balls.  Moisture bad for ears.

Added to the budget?  $25 bucks a month added to a separate debit card that gets frozen in a glass of water in the freezer.  

There was a silver lining tho.  There is an organization calls P.A.W.S. who helps disabled people with their pet care.  If you can't walk your dog, volunteers do it.  They help with dog food, and $200 a year towards vet bills.  I had tried to apply for it before, planning ahead for a time I may not be able to walk Annie, but they told me I had to wait till I was actually at that point, and there is a two year waiting list.  The billing person at the SFSPCA said she would refer me to P.A.W.S. and I would be "expedited".  In writing this, I realize I haven't been called yet... hmmm.  Must follow up.

In other news, Michael is doing well in his quest for Disability, medical care and housing.  It's like a full-time job lately, but progress is being made. 

See the silver thing hanging off her collar?  My house key.  Brill. Ant.


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