Thursday, November 1, 2012

Too tired to post today, but I have to post the pics and I'm tired of having 95 drafts in my folder

Am so completely wiped out today.  Jeremy left today, and I went straight back to bed, only to get back up two minutes later to take Annie out.  My friend Jill and I caught up after her visit to the East coast of several weeks, and I swear Annie ran her fool head off chasing that crazy ball.

Then she lost it, and I wandered around looking for it, wondering why the hell people kept yelling at me, until finally, I gave up on the ball, scolded Annie for being such a ditz about not keeping better track of her ball, and re-joined the group.  Who had the ball all along.

Yesterday, I braved the crowds to see the Giants come home for the parade that ended at the Civic Center.  Jeremy had left earlier and I wasn't going to go because of said crowd, but he said it wasn't bad.  So I decided to go out on my trike to see what I could see.  He went on down to the parade start, while I gave EXCELLENT directions on how to find me in the middle of the melee.

It was fun and then I got high off my neighbor's weed as they smoked all around me, but not high in a pain controlling way, since I wasn't imbibing the good parts... just the smoke part, and it gave me a stomach ache and a headache, so I needed to leave early.  I swear - Annie in her vest to lead the way ... the people parted like Jesus parted the waters, and I was out of the crowd within just a couple of minutes.  This being disabled can pay off sometimes. 

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