Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reason #3 for Moving to San Francisco - Things to Do


Reason #3 for moving to San Francisco:  I could walk anywhere, and learn about the various neighborhoods.  I'm fascinated by how much there is in such a tiny space of land. 

So many things to do.  All the typical touristy stuff, but also many different restaurants and cultures to discover. 

And where else can you celebrate stupidity

In my little town of Rigby, Idaho, we have 3-4 bars, 2 gas stations, 2 variety stores, 1 grocery store, 1 Wendy's, 1 Taco Time, 1 Artic Circle, 2 restaurants, 1 Curves, a tiny museum and a few more miscellaneous shops.  A library and community center.  Main street is 3 blocks long.  

San Francisco, CA                                 Rigby, Idaho
Population: 776,733                                Population:  12,576
Area: 50.77 sq. miles                              Area:  96.16 sq. miles
Land: 50.07 sq. miles                               Land:  94.62 sq.miles
Water: 0.69 sq. miles                              Water:  1.54 sq. miles
Population Density:                         Population Density:
15,511.77 people per sq. mile                 132.91 people per sq. mile


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