Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

At last, some pics of my home.  First, the "living room".

 (above)  This is the view from the kitchen.  I'm standing next to/behind the red table in the lower right hand corner. 

Jeremy used to have one of these blue monsters... I can't remember it's name...hmmm after Googling Blue Monster Images, it's called "Pet Monster".  Dumb name. But my eye is always immediately drawn to him cause he makes me think of Jeremy. I never know where to put him. I found him at a garage sale, and immediately grabbed him. 

(above)  My little "office" corner.  The walls are cement so I have very little wall space to hang things.  Almost all my mirrors were broken in the move, but my favorite is sitting on one of the books shelves (the left bookcase).

The chair is one I bought at a thrift shop for ten dollars.  It was white, I painted it red and black.  And put the sunflower pillow my mom ... not crocheted... what's the damn word?.  Some sort of needlepoint.  Anyways, she made the pillow, and since I have no couch, but love to display pillows, this is where it landed.  Works!  I also spray painted the wicker lamp shade red. 

Also painted the step stool behind the chair from green to yellow.  Now my carpet and window have a slight tinge of yellow spray paint...

(above)  I can't tell you how much I miss these guys.  Almost every day I think about how much fun they would have had in the park.  But then again, there's no way I could have controlled three dogs and they would have  been doomed to a life on a leash all the time, and personally, I don't believe that's any kind of a life for a dog.  They need to run to be happy.  I would have had to take them all out separately, which means leaving the house 6 times, just for the dogs along.  But omg, I miss them.  In some ways, I keep trying to figure out how I could have managed keeping them...

And the Duke.  Miss him too.  Sniff.

(above)  I love my driftwood with a rock embedded in it.  It's been with me for years.  I think I found it on one of our camping trips by the Snake River.  A place we called "Strangetree".  And again, cause I can't hang heavy things on the walls, Jeremy's picture is on a book shelf.

Above the desk is my effort to make the cats happy.  Turns out they are bottom dwellers.  It's a lovely little platform, above the curtain, so that they could look out into the world whenever they wanted.  But nooooo, my cats don't appreciate all the work that went into that platform. 

(below) Notice my rubber chicken just below the cat's green platform.  Hiney did go up there once and he was quite disturbed by the rubber chicken.  Maybe that's why he won't go up there.  Also a doggy type wind chime, which is close enough to the window that it really does chime. 

(above)  The metal cat looking thing is waiting for a picture of my cats, maybe a collage of all the cats I've had over the years.

Awwww... a picture of Jeremy's mother and father getting married.

 Aren't we precious?  I even found a heart-shaped candle to set beside us. 

 How young, and skinny I am, and he's got hair. 

And then a total SCORE with the screaming man board that fit PERFECTLY in my clock case.
I call it my "Screaming Man Board".  Or maybe it should be "Screaming Bored Man".  Snort.

You know when I saw it on the street, that I had to have it because it fits with my black, white, and red color scheme, right?  Of course right. 

And of course, the beloved file cabinets.  The yellow in particular.  LOVE, Love, love. 

I think most of my former apartment contents fit in the file cabinets.  I can't find something?  Look there.

(below)  Cause I don't have enough cats.

(below)  The dining table holds 'The Last Supper' wood carving that I got from Steve, a friend at the Hell Hilton, where I used to live.  Because I can't hang large pictures on the cement walls, the floral painting hangs on the back of the partition that separates the kitchen from the rest of the studio.  The stove is behind the partition.  I've got a painting for each season and/or season. 

Annie's little collection of tennis balls.  She finds them all over the park.

(below)  The wicker baby bed takes up a ridiculous amount of floor space, but I LOVE it, so it stays.  The basket with the black and white scarf and glass table top is gone.  The basket is now used to hold dirty linens, and the glass top is hiding behind the stove in case I should ever need a 2foot round piece of table top glass.                                                                         

(below)  This is what I see from my bed.  Again, minus the basket with the black and white scarf over it.


 Next up - the kitchen.  Which will have to wait till I get back HOME to San Francisco.  Idaho Falls is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.  :-)



  1. Did you paint behind the wood relief of the figures in "The Last Supper" wood carving it looks good---Steven

  2. Yup, I painted it black, and then used glitter paint for Jesus's robe. Did I spell that right?

  3. It looks wonderful!! Still so happy that you're happy!!!


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