Monday, July 25, 2011

House-sitting in Idaho Falls

 See the garbage can?  It is COMPLETELY full of my Multiple Sclerosis medical records.  Ahh, the memories.  I'm in-putting them into the computer, on a spreadsheet, and a website called "PatientsLikeMe".  Unfortunately, all it's doing for me is making me mad and sad about the sub-par care I've received in Idaho.  It remains to be seen in San Francisco, as I've yet to see a doctor there. 

The view from my computer while house-sitting.  Let's see, I need to leave them a note about what's been going on around here while baby-sitting their house and dog, Charcoal.

  • I CANNOT get the name of Charcoal out of my mouth!  It's Dude, Duke, Big Boy, Buddy or Chuck, cause I can never remember his name in time to say it.
  • I'm very considerately eating you out of house and home of junk food!  I haven't had such goodies in YEARS, since I cannot afford them.  Am thinking I'll make a cherry cheesecake for you to come home to... but it may not last long enough for you to have any.
  • I had to close up all the windows and turn off the fans, cause it's COLD.  While you're in Atlanta in the heat wave.  Ha ha ha.  So I checked all the closets looking for a sweater or hoodie to wear.  I did a dance in your closet just cause there was room to do so!  Am jealous.
  • Annie and Charcoal have had a BLAST playing with each other.  I keep looking around for my devoted Service Dog, who never leaves my feet, only to find her in the back yard, playing with Charcoal.  Charcoal is determined to make her his girlfriend, and she'll have none of it.  In fact, I'm sure she doesn't realize his true intent, because she's such an innocent - she thinks he just likes to get on top of her to PLAY.
  • I am feeding the fish too, even tho it wasn't on the list you gave me of things to take care of.  Hopefully, that's okay and you weren't wanting to get rid of them by starving them to death...Annie is afraid of the fish tank cause the fish are NOISY as they leap out of the water to snatch the food. 
  • I've watered all the dry spots in the lawn, and the flower bed in front.  Also the Hosta and water fountain in back.  Have yet to pick up Annie's diarrhea ... but I will.  I've had to add some of Charcoal's dry food to Annie's, as hers won't last till I get home.  Just a 1/2 cup of strange food, mixed in hers and she can't handle it.  Good thing I started 4 days before she flies.  Nothing worse than a dog with diarrhea at airports and planes!  I'm assuming.  I don't want to experience it.
  • I've washed the pillowcase, blanket, towels, and jeans/pants that I borrowed, and put them away.  Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I needed to borrow some long pants too, to go out to dinner, since all I had was shorts, cause it was spose to be hot here!  Also, I tore apart the garage, looking for a screw driver, to tighten some things up on my new trike!  I almost gave my kingdom away.  "My kingdom for a screw driver", I said.  
  • Last, but not least, Charcoal moped at the laundry room door for a few hours after you left, but then after that, he was fine.  Like I said, he played alot with Annie.  They would be out there for a couple hours at a time, then come in panting their food heads off.  Annie's going to miss him.  I've taken both of them for a walk/run to the park almost every night, taking it easy on both of them, since Annie isn't used to hard core exercise where she's not allowed to sniff the ground.  I really hope I can get the airline to take the trike, cause it will sure be good to exercise Annie with it.  She needs the kind of exercise where we go too fast for her to be able to roam the smells.  The "zone" kind of exercise.
  • I left the house on Saturday for most of the afternoon, and locked the front door, but left the deck door open for the dogs to be able to go outside.  Someone was here while I was gone, cause the stuff on the counter was different.  Am assuming it was one of the kids.  But just in case it was a robber, or someone with an axe, or someone wanting to hide a dead body downstairs (I have NOT been down there), just be aware that I was aware someone was here, cause I'm a good house-sitter! 
  • I will feed Charcoal his evening meal on Monday, but I think I'll go to Theresa's or Mom's for Monday night, so you'll have the house to yourself and can relax for real when you get home.  Call me Tuesday if you have any questions, cause I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to visit again cause I need to get home for that doctor's appointment on the 27th.  Want to spend another night with Jeremy if possible too, so suddenly I've got schedules to keep!  I've waited for the appointment for 2 months, and they moved it from Aug 18th to July 27th, so want to keep it before they put me off for another 2 months!

 Hmmm... maybe he is moping.

I prefer to think he's just exhausted from playing with Annie.

I ate the Oreo's.  And most of the peppermint candies, cause my tummy hurt, and peppermint helps tummy aches.  It probably hurt from all the Oreo's!

The fountain quit fountaining this morning.  Not sure what happened cause it was working fine yesterday.  Took the garbage out to the curb, rolled up the hoses, ran the dishwasher, and swept the floor.  And good hell, but 2 dogs poop alot!

Hope you guys had fun.  That baby is so precious.

UPDATE:  I fixed the fountain.  Check and see if I did it right.

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