Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No wheelchair yet

A couple weeks ago, I was really discouraged cause I thought it was time for a wheelchair.  I had even called the Scooter Store, who advertises if they can't get Medicare to pay, then they will pay it.  It only plays 74 times a day.

I filled out their application online about 3am in the morning, and they called at 8:30 that morning!  Talk about customer service, sheesh.  So, after talking to them for an hour, it's determined that I qualify for a motorized wheelchair and all they need is a doctor signing off on it.  I told them I can't get into a doctor until the middle of August, so they called the doctor to see if they could get me in sooner, and to tell them I would need a mobility assessment - would they be able to schedule the time for a first-time visit, blah blah blah.

No they could not, but that was fine with me, cause I didn't really like Scooter Store's ... pushing.  Oh, aren't I hilarious... pushing... wheelchair...?  If I didn't mind waiting till the doctor's appointment, then why did we have to call the doctor.  Possibly, I'm being unreasonable.


On the 1st of July, I bought these... an expensive (for me) purchase:

Oh my, are they ugly.  I had tried them on a week or so ago, and felt immediately... safer.  Connected to the ground.  I promised the salesman I would be back on payday.  

And I was.                                                                                                                                                           

I haven't fallen when wearing these "shoes".    

It's really difficult to put them on tho.  Trying to get my toes into the right place... numb toes with numb hands?  Hilarious to watch, I imagine.

My second line of attack against a wheelchair is this:

My mom decided to sell her "trike" and I tried it out, by riding it from Smith's Food to Sunnyside and St. Clair... well over a mile.  Annie was out of breath, but I didn't even break a sweat, partly because it was early in the morning, and partly because it was soooo easy!

So the plan is to get it to San Francisco.  Any ideas?

P.S.  Oh, yea.  I'm in Idaho Falls, house/sitting for Cindy.  




  1. I want a TRIKE! I think I spelled it wrong, but you get the picture.


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