Sunday, October 9, 2011

He's baaack!


This picture is in the parking lot in Idaho.  My friend Steve called to tell me their lobby had been vandalized!  Someone came in and broke things, and re-arranged the furniture.  I've been thinking alot about my old home, mostly because the current president of the resident's association here is wanting me to run for office later on this month.  I remember how someone knocked on my door, or left me a note almost every single day in Idaho.  Do I really want to do that again?  Would it be the same?  I would like to put together a "Newcomer's Info Packet", but the rest of it?  Not so much. 

Jeff's got a good record on the Kansas City NASCAR track.  Hmmm, that is weird to think of a track in Kansas.  I didn't think Kansas had anything going for it. Altho, I went to the National FFA Convention when in high school.  I think it was there.  Or maybe it was across the... river?  In the next door state.  Ohmygosh, I just remembered my dog Toby wrote me a letter while I was there!  I'm having a memory!

On the down side of that, I remember that today is my father's birthday.  And that a doctor touched/hurt me inappropriately on that day when I was in my early twenties.  Jeez looweez, is it any wonder why I don't remember things?

On a good note, I agreed to having a pap and a mammogram done when I went to the doctor last Thursday to find out the results of the blood work.  Those who know me know what a big deal that is.  I've had NOTHING done in 12 years, ever since being dx'd with MS.  I didn't care before - figured MS was enough, wasn't going to deal with anything more.  Ignorance is bliss as far as future dx's of anything else.  Didn't want to know, didn't care.

I suppose being happy makes a difference.  This morning, as I crossed the street at the light, I again thought "I'm so happy here".  I don't care about the gritty parts - the garbage, the homeless people filth, the crazy scary people.  I am just so damn happy here.  I knew in my gut that I would be. 

Or maybe I was just too afraid to tell this new doctor no.  Remember when I was a bit critical of her on my first visit?  Well, she was much better today, and I really like her.  She must have been having a bad day that day.  I asked her why she referred me to San Francisco General for my MS, which I can't get into until December.  She said that's who they're affiliated with.  I told her I was getting nervous about not being on the shots for this long, and my pain meds script running out (from Idaho still), that I've decided to get a wheelchair after all, and that the 2 other MS clinics could get me in sooner.  She said she couldn't give me a referral but a little known factoid was that I could call for an appointment myself - that I didn't need a referral.  They prefer having one, but it wasn't necessary.  Well, ok, then. 

 Speaking of all things medical, I'm going to have to have my foot amputated, cause it's turning blue.  Why is it turning blue?  There's a clue...that's not my hairy legs you see.

 Nooo, it's my fat cat.  I have a FAT cat! A fat cat and a hot dog.  A hot dog!  I so funny. 

 A fat cat, with a dead, upside down frog on the floor.  He's not happy that I called him Fat Cat.  "Who YOU calling fat, Miss Missy?", he says. 

Uh, okay then.  Never mind!


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