Sunday, October 30, 2011

My first Stream of Conscious Sunday

  • Today's NASCAR of course.  Only 3 more races after today.  Sniff.  Altho, I must admit me and Jeff haven't been feeling it much this year.  I think he's disappointed in me cause I haven't watched the Car2 movies.  His voice is one of the cars.  If I were a true fan, I know that name of the car with his voice.  Okay, I had to Google it.  Meet Jeff Gorvette! 

  • A couple weeks ago, my landlady was pissy with me regarding my 2 cats.  She is of Asian decent and I have no clue what she's saying to me because of her accent, and it gets worse the more upset she is.  I took down the papers she asked for, and thought all was good.  But then she called me 4 times within 10 minutes, hanging up on me each time.  During one of her rants she said she'd be doing an inspection of my apartment on October 30th.  Which is today - a Sunday.  Hmm.

  • My apartment is clean.  I absolutely LOVE living in a studio - soooo much easier to keep clean.  The kitchen is so small that it's literally just a step between sink, fridge, stove and food prep area.  Turns out that is soo much better for me, MS-wise.  

  • Jeff Gordon's running in first place right now.  He's lead more laps in the history of this track - so he's got a good chance today.  

  • I don't think it's a true Stream of Conscious post if one keeps stopping to Google in order to make links.  Hence the lack of link to the race track today.  

  • I walked 3 1/2 miles yesterday with 3 human friends and 5 doggie friends.  More on that later, cause I have pictures.

  • My favorite clock seems to be broken, dammit.  I suspect a cat had something to do with it.  

  • Miss my kid sooo much sometimes.  

  • Really disgusted with MS today.  I know I overdid yesterday, but it was an enjoyable overdo, and I slept like a rock right after the walk, and it didn't affect the night-time sleep either.  It's the pain, always the fcuking pain that gets me down.  Typing hurts today. 

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  1. Congratulations on your first Stream of Consciousness Sunday. You live in San Francisco! My favorite city, and I yearn to go back again. I usually don't get past the airport unless I'm really lucky.

    Looking forward to your next SocSunday blog. Wishing you a great week.

  2. Hi! First time here :) Visiting from the SOC Sunday. I was laughing as I read because I also wanted to add a link but thought I wouldn't follow the rules if I did.
    Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  3. The first rule of SOCSunday is that it's okay to break the rules. As long as you follow the spirit.

    I'm glad you linked up. And don't let that Asian lady do anything to your cats! I'm a big kitty fan myself!


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