Monday, January 30, 2012

A Bit Late, but Damn, it's Early in the Morning

This guy moved from southern California to Idaho, and near as I can tell, he's in Idaho Falls, or real close to it.  He takes it a bit too far in ridiculing Idaho, but some of it is sooo true

It's a big day here in San Francisco because of the game.  The game to determine THE GAME.  First, baseball and the World Series in 2010,  now football and the Super Bowl.  Someone at the dog park told me the entire city shut down after the Giants won the World Series.  From the looks of it, everyone is inside, getting ready for the game at 3:30pm.

UPDATED:  Obviously, I didn't post this after I wrote it - as we all now know, SF isn't going to the Super Bowl.

And since, I'm about 9 days later, and not even in the city right now, I feel silly writing anything more on this post.

But I did want to share the link above of the guy's blog in Idaho.


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