Monday, January 16, 2012

Clocks, mirrors and dance

I woke up at 4am this morning and laid there till 5, hoping to go back to sleep.  This happens 3 to 4 times a week, and I've decided to quit fighting it.  If I can't go back to sleep within 15 minutes of waking, I'm getting up.  I'm tired of fighting with my sleep problems.  I think it's the pain waking me up pretty much every 3 to 4 hours (when it's time for pain meds).

This morning, I danced.  Without music.  I am NOT a dancing type of person.  Nor am I a morning person.  And without music?  Just makes me look like a lunatic on puppet strings. But I'm just so happy.  Nothing better than watching the sun come up and sunshine flooding the apartment makes me feel... invincible. 

So I've washed the dishes, sorted laundry and moved some furniture to accommodate another mirror.  This one is for the animals. 

Speaking of mirrors, my sister got me a Walmart's gift card for Christmas, and I had planned on getting a full length mirror, so I can start taking pictures of my weight loss.  San Francisco doesn't have a Walmart, and after discovering how many buses, trains, planes and horse carriages I'd have to take to get there, I went online instead. 

Naturally, the one closest to me didn't have full-length mirrors, so it took some doing to find one that did, and not have it go over the limit of the gift card with the shipping costs.  I found one.

The very next day, I decided to take my garbage downstairs to the garage, instead of throwing it down the chute thingy.  In the garage, I discovered ....



(You aren't seeing "The Light" there in the upper right corner.  It's just sunshine!

So now I have a rather large and WIDE mirror, cause it was in the garbage, waiting for ... ME!

I'm coming to Idaho at the end of this month, so I'll go shopping at Idaho Fall's WallyWorld instead.  I wasn't up for the adventure to go to the one in Oakland, or Daly City - wasn't doing very good the last couple of weeks.  But, hell, after dancing with no music and getting a sun tan this morning, I'd do it in a heartbeat now - got that I LOVE San Francisco mode going on again.

Speaking of mirrors in the garbage, I'll have to do another post about all the Freecycle and Serendipity stuff I've been doing.  I'm getting closer and closer to blogging about living here cheap as a regular feature.  Food still boggles the mind, but I haven't been diligent about going to the farmer's markets, mostly because most of them don't take food stamps, and they're EXPENSIVE.  But I'm told that there are some reasonable ones, so this week's project is to learn the farmer's markets.  On Wednesday, I'll go to the one downtown.

I've got two clocks with pendulums.  For the first few months, they swung  properly, and I was strangely comforted by it.  Course, Jeremy would tell you something different - something about the sheer number of clocks I seem to have, but that's neither here nor there.  He's just worried about how he has to take care of all this stuff when I kick the bucket after sampling the French onion soup with a salmonella spoon.  I'm only thinking of him - he'll appreciate their sound when my voice isn't there, all bright and chipper!


I LIKE clocks.  They tick and tock.  I am soothed by them and like to listen to them tick tock.  I like to see if they all keep up with each other. 

Anyways, the two pendulums suddenly quit... penduluming.  It drove me crazy, wondering why they quit.

Maybe it's because we had a earth shake, and the building is now crooked.  It's the only explanation! 

Today, I got a level out of the tool bag, and leveled both clocks and now they ... swing again.  I feel safe now. 


Safe, but confused most of the time, cause the kitchen clocks haven't been changed to reflect Daylight Savings Time. 


 This one tells me temperature and humidity.  The clock is always wrong tho - a chronic slow clock, but I like knowing how humid it is.  I like paying attention, cause I'm trying to figure out what works best for MS. 

The Nascar clock revs it's engine at the top of each hour, and the little Dale Jr car drives itself around the clock each hour.  Scares the patooties out of me every time.  There are 2 bird clocks that chirp at the top of each hour, and one of the Christmas clocks sings carols every hour. 

Whaaat?  Isn't this normal?  Doesn't everyone do this?  Please say yes so that Jeremy will quit calling me eccentric.  Or maybe he said I was trying to be eccentric, and wasn't quite pulling it off.  That it's just plain weird is all.

What evs. 


---------------------------------------------> One of these also tells me the temperature, and is very handy when I don't want to get out of bed to look at the other clock that tells the temp.  The other projects the time onto my ceiling in bright red numbers at night time.  Especially appreciated on those nights I can't sleep...

The weird birdie clock is the When You Simply MUST Get Out of Bed Because You Have Physical Therapy at 8:freaking 30AM in The Morning kind of clock.  Listen to the video and you'll understand why. 

Pay close attention to the dance moves...



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