Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This and That

If I were someone who cared about me, like family and friends, I would be VERY irritated with me right now.  It seems there is no happy medium when it comes to my communications with ya'll.  If I'm not blogging, Facebooking, emailing - then you probably deduce that I'm either doing really badly or really good.  Cause when I'm doing really good, I'm all out and about and too happy.  I've never written during happy times.  Plus, you can't trust me - I lie about how I'm doing when it's really bad.  I promised my kid that I would stop doing that.

I've been doing really, really, really well for the last .... 4 days.  See, now I'm freaking out - I probably just jinxed myself!

I've quit sleeping on park benches, under the bed, all day and all night.  But on the days I have medical appointments (2), I didn't sleep the night before.  I've realized I'm a bit obsessive about GETTING to the appointments.  Not because of the bus, or where to go type of stuff - it's the worry about whether I'm understanding the Time.  Time as in the clock.  Am I reading the clock right, and am I understanding the appointment reminder sheet correctly?  Has Annie peed and poo'd appropriate amounts that I don't have to worry about her needing to go during the outing?  How many extra minutes should I plan for that?  The clock and I have issues - the same issues I have with money.  I just don't "get" numbers - they don't process well in my head.  My sister had to take over my money for me cause of it.  It carries over to conversations too.

Me:  Has anyone seen CrazyZert today?  Cause he destroyed the shrubbery of someone up the block and they called the cops on him.
B.Martha:  His case worker was here and made him take a shower this morning.

A few minutes pass and we discuss him more and other things.

Me:  So, really, I'm serious.  I'm worried that they may have taken CrazyBert to jail, so has anyone seen him?
B.Martha:  ummm, duh.  What part of "his caseworker made him take a shower this morning did you not understand?"
Me:  Oh.

I just don't put 2 and 2 together.  It's not about not listening, because we talked about how much he needed a shower, but he wouldn't allow getting his hair shampooed, and we needed to be careful cause he might have lice at this point, blah blah blah.

I just don't process things if it requires putting 2 and 2 together.

ANYWAYS, I digress.

I am doing TERRIFIC.  I've been riding the trike everywhere, and it's an answer to a prayer all of a sudden. I finally figured out that I could raise the seat - and it's soooo much easier!  I've got some power in these legs after all!  I've been riding it with the pedals way too short.  I couldn't believe the difference.

My dog park friend, Zill, told me yesterday that I was doing as good as she's ever seen me before.  Today, I walked down the rail-less stairs in the park like a normal person would - left right left right one step per foot, instead of left right each foot each step.  Hmmm.  I wonder if that made any sense?  I did hang on to Annie, cause hey, I'm not stupid.  I did a dance of victory when I reached the bottom of the steps - inside my brain.  I haven't been able to jump or do anything that requires two feet off the ground at the same time in a very long while.


Yesterday, the news anchor asked the weatherman if we were going to get a break from "these extreme temperatures".  Extreme meaning 2 days of almost 75 degrees.  !!!  ???  I laughed out loud.

I feel physically strong.  Which is very, very rare for me.  I've done the trike for the last 3 days, but today I decided to walk cause I felt so good.  But I stayed in the shade, and I only did half of the park - cause I don't want to OVER DO IT.  Dumb f*cking words.  Yesterday, I biked (triked?) 6 blocks to the post office to mail off baby gift to Zusti.  (I've decided to disquise my real life friends with the letter Z cause I can never remember the fake names I used to use).  Little baby Zate is 4lbs as of a couple days ago!

I'm so excited.  Annie's mobility harness is spose to come today.  I left the FedEx man a love note downstairs on the gate to call me cause I am home.  Last time I made a point to be home for delivery, they didn't call.  Just left a note on the gate that they would try to deliver again the next day, so I spent 2 days waiting for the dang thing.

It's here!  And omg, is it wonderful.  Sooo much easier.

Annie's first day with the mobility harness


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